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Bromo Mountain
Curug Cigangsa
Papandayan Mountain
Pelabuhan Ratu
Ujung Genteng

South of Flores, between Sumbawa and Timor lays an island where the traditional customs are among the best preserved in Nusa Tenggara. The population of Sumba reaches about 600.000, the capital is Waingapu.


Today much of the population are Christians, some are Muslims while a large minority still adhere to the animist "marapu" religion. Sumba is separated from the other islands in the region by the deep waters, and due to the limited natural resources it has not been much influenced by the rest of the world. An old pagan culture can still be found alive here, not like the rest of Indonesia which has been greatly influenced by the large world religions and their culture.


The Monumental Stone Tombs of Sumba, Art and Culture.












East Sumba has a different climate, it is more dry and mountainous, the people here belong to one single ethnical group with one common language. Waingapu, the capital, is located here and is a hub for transport to and from the island.

There are some facilities here, but the main attractions are located west and southeast on the island. Some traditional villages are located southeast of Waingapu and can be visited on a daytrip from there. This part of Sumba is known for the "ikat" produced here, this is a woven textile that can take weeks and even months to produce because of a complicated production process. Traditionally ikat was only used for special ceremonies and only by members of the highest clans and their personal attendants.

During important funerals the corpse was dressed in the finest textiles to make a good appearance in the afterlife, and piles of extra textiles was often sent with the dead as well. Horses are still used for transport on Sumba and is a symbol of high status, the large grass fields in the interior of the island are well suited for horse raising The island is famous for its megalithic tombs and war rituals. A well known ritual is "pasola" were hundreds of men on horses throw spears at each other.

The tips of the spears are cut off, but serious accidents, even deaths, occur frequently. The season to experience this festival is in February to March, it will take place in four different districts to satisfy the gods and bring a good harvest. The exact date and time is depending on the arrival of the small "Nyale" fish to the coast (see also Kuta, Lombok). The priests will study the fish and from it's behavior predict the outcome of the harvest. When this is done the Pasola festival can begin, the fights will usually start at the beach and then move further inland.

Mangkudu Island

 The island Mangkudu its amazing island, for travellers verturing into more pristine and calm regions of Indonesia. With small numbers and privacy, the beachses and surf will never crowded. Nature is unspoiled and clean. Served food is delicious and the resorts are managed by western people. When i went there its only me and my friend and 3 sumbanese people who works there as a chef and also cleaning. after 2 days im staying there, than more 4 others peoples came they are from Manchester (UK). We have great time. here are some pictures of Mangkudu Island. if you guys love to come here you can email me and dont hesitate to ask.

The island of Manggudu is a small beautiful tropical island which sits near the edge of deep water trenches. There you can enjoy the nature in many ways.

A white sandy beach circles the island, which you can walk around in a short time and with a little luck see turtle hatchlings scurry out to sea. Turtle tracks are often found, as sea turtles come here to lay eggs. In the centre of the island is a small dense forest, home to numerous species of birds. Sea eagles and other birds work the large schools of fish. The marine life is easily experienced by snorkelling along the coral reefs or fishing in deeper water.

 Fishing, that is the one of my activity. During different times at the year commonly caught fish are: giant travelly, and many other travelly species, Spanish mackerel, marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo, Mahi Mahi and numerous reef fish. Manta rays, whales and dolphins are not a rare sight as is not a barracuda launching it self to the skies.I got tuna fish and its 4 foot high, and its nearly same high as me no wonder its heavy and im nearly jump when i catch him, the owner of the resort help me to pull the fish and kill with the hammer, he smash tuna head till dead. its a good fun except the killing stuff and the jump stuff.

Waves , point break-like lefthander is the most consistent wave here. Works on all tides except max high and breaks eventually onto sand. Miles of beach break from here. Good lefthand barrel breaking along bend of reef into the main channel. It needs a six-foot swell to start breaking and is surfed at higher or dead low tide.

The reef is large and the wave is best described as "sunset-like". After peaking, it will bowl through hollow sections or just wall off right from the take-off, depending on swell direction. Can handle very big swell.

Me,Nadia,Mike,Dani,Alan and Mark at the beach, Mark not in here his taking us a picture.




East Sumba